Avoiding Disaster During Hurricane Irene


Wow, between earthquake on the East Coast and Hurricane Irene that was a very interesting week!

In the aftermath of the first significant earthquake in recent years, we were hearing that Hurricane Irene was going to churn its way up the East Coast, and bring destruction at every point. The winds would be incredible, we were told, but the damage from the flooding might be even worse. People living in low-lying areas were moved from their homes; businesses boarded up their storefronts and got out. And everyone hoped for the best.

While most folks were watching the news and shoring up their homes, we were busy getting ready for this storm. We stayed on point , and shifted into high gear. The experts at our data centers train for and monitor networks 24/7 for precisely this reason. They know that when a potential disaster looms, that’s no time to be making sure everything works…the time to do that is when everything is running smoothly.

As we’ve previously noted in this blog, disasters can occur when or where you least expect them, and because we constantly test our systems, we are able to offer customers an uptime guarantee.

So, we were ready for Hurricane Irene, all up and down the East Coast from North Carolina to Boston. And while millions found themselves without power as a result of the storm, that wasn’t the case at any of our data centers; power to our Raleigh data center was disrupted several times, but the infrastructure was configured so that our redundant power system instantaneously kicked in, and kept things running without a hitch. Our data center in Boston had no issues at all. The bottom line was that all Windstream Hosted Solutions’ infrastructure systems operated as designed and there was zero customer effect.

That’s the best possible news that we and our clients could have gotten…because you don’t need to implement your disaster recovery plan if you never suffer from the disaster in the first place.

As it turns out, Irene wasn’t the killer storm that had been predicted, but it sure inflicted plenty of damage. And while the experts say that this storm was an anomaly, we treated it as if it was business as usual. Because we know that at some point, there will be another disaster of one kind or another. And it’s our business to make sure we’re ready for it, regardless of when or where it hits.