Teaming Up to Fight Cyber Crime


We have all heard repeated stories about hackers trying to gain access to networks and their information.  I’m sure you’ve read about the “significant and tenacious” attack on Lockheed Martin’s servers. But that may be just the tip of the iceberg.  Northrup Grumman’s chief information security officer recently told attendees at a Gartner conference that “advanced attacks” have been conducted against his company’s network for several years.

The CISO said groups are working as a team, "waking up each day to get into Northrop Grumman. We can tell what their attack procedures are, how they write the malware," he said. What keeps them on their toes are the zero-day attacks…300 recorded last year alone.  And he says that the pace has ramped up, with the attacks often coming in every 11 minutes.

Granted, your network may not be the target of persistent attacks like Northrup or Lockheed, but you need to ensure it’s as secure as you can possibly make it. At Windstream, we deploy a complete set of benefits for our managed services clients, including:

  • Firewall with customizable rules
  • Application intelligence detects and prevents malicious traffic from gaining network access
  • Protection against viruses, worms, and phishing attacks
  • Security log storage and weekly reports
  • IPSec encrypted, site-to-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections
  • Remote access VPN and remote desktop options available
  • Remote Protect and Off-Net Remote Protect available
  • Web content filtering that protects employees from objectionable web content

And obviously, we’re doing it on an around-the-clock basis from our secure Network Operations Centers, so that our customers can meet or exceed HIPAA or PCI standards. We’re also doing it so that they can rest a bit easier, knowing that someone’s watching their network for them, so that the guys who are trying to hack their way in can’t do so.  This holds true, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or a start-up.

No, the information on your network may not have national security implications, but that doesn’t means it’s not valuable to you, or someone outside your firm who wants it. As Northrup’s CISO put it, the hackers are working together as a team; your team should be working together as well.