Cloud Acceptance - Going from point A to B

In my previous post, Why Cloud Computing Will Disrupt Your Organization … and Make it Stronger than Ever , I discussed many of the potential benefits the cloud can offer a CIO. So what are the key gaps that have prevented large-scale cloud adoption in the enterprise space and what needs to be brought to the table that will allow Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to cross over and become a replacement for legacy, IT infrastructure? Or put another way, what’s going to be the game changer for a CIO?

I believe the key technical issue is accommodating legacy applications – the 80% of applications that were designed to be deployed within tightly coupled and controlled enterprise data centers. Incorporating these applications in the cloud rather than an organization’s data closet requires giving an IT professional more granular control over networking and storage, not just computing resources. Providing this enhanced level of control and customization around networking and storage will be a key part of the solution successful carriers will have to provide.

At PAETEC, we are very excited about having a solution designed for IT professionals from the ground up, collaborating with Cisco and EMC, to accommodate these requirements. We are also designing automation for built-in support of advanced private networking requirements and believe we will be the first in the industry supporting private networking on an automated rather than custom basis.
Beyond the technical aspects of the solution, we think PAETEC’s corporate values and assets as a service provider bring a lot to the table. We own and operate 37,000 route-miles of fiber network, along with a truly national IP-based MPLS network, allowing us to support high bandwidth features such as replication and virtual machine failover between our data centers and our customers. While other cloud providers certainly have the ability to support these features, we believe we will be able to make them financially viable for a much wider range of applications and companies, shifting the economics in favor of moving mission critical applications to the cloud.

Of course resources and technology are nothing without the right corporate culture. For PAETEC in particular, the values and the technology really intersect perfectly in the cloud computing space. One of PAETEC’S core values is providing personalized solutions. As a relatively new employee I am continually amazed by the degree to which the entire PAETEC organization is committed to delivering personalized solutions – from innovative financing to alleviate constrained capital budgets to customer-specific escalation processes for managed equipment customers.
We’re on a tipping point for cloud computing, moving from a neat idea talked about in blogs to a powerful resource for modern IT organizations. With PAETEC’s comprehensive solutions, growing data center presence nationwide, innovative cloud-based products, and nationwide connectivity, CIOs are finally seeing the game change.