VoIP for Business: Why You Need It Now


We’re seeing more stories emerge about the growing adoption rate of voice over IP (VoIP) technology in business, and it’s good news. 

A report from Research & Markets found that a decrease in long distance call costs and improved communication access have spurred growth in the enterprise VoIP equipment market, and predicted continued growth among key vendors.

All of this means that businesses have increasingly recognized the value that VoIP delivers. It not only allows them to extend the functionality of their existing broadband network, but also delivers higher quality at lower prices.  This reliability does not exist in a vacuum of course; companies that adopt VoIP are insisting on SLAs that ensure the availability of the service. 

At Windstream, we understand the higher requirements of business and we’ve configured our VoIP services around them.  We offer a VoIP and data bundle that provides a single network connection for your phone services and high-speed Internet. We dynamically allocate the voice and data traffic to ensure the most efficient use of your bandwidth. We also ensure your voice traffic receives priority treatment to provide the utmost in clarity and qualify. By doing this, it allows your business to save money when compared to separate network connections for phone service and Internet. 

We also offer a range of hosted VoIP solutions delivering a fully managed, Unified Communications solution that also converges your voice and data on a single network without requiring the large capital investment you need to build and maintain an IP PBX system. 

Here’s another reason to consider outsourcing your VoIP system:  security & fraud protection.  A new article reports that hackers in China, Russia, the US and South Korea are targeting business VoIP systems, with “vishing” and toll fraud now accounting for almost a third of all hacking attempts online. 

Security, of course, is also a core capability at Windstream.  We take every measure to ensure our core network is reliable and fully protected. That means all platforms that provide our VoIP services are redundant and firewalled from the outside world, ensuring your voice and data are always secure. Windstream also provides robust firewall solutions capable of protecting your PCs, Servers and VoIP equipment from hacking attempts.

So even as the business VoIP market continues to grow, it’s important that you think about who’s going to keep your system both operational and safe.  You can try to do it yourself, or you can consider letting someone else handle it that has the proven experience.