Treat your IT Organization like a Business – and Thrive

At one time, IT was simply the department you called when you had trouble with your laptop.  However, over the past decade with the advent of IP-based and cloud-based services, that role has changed.  Rather than considered a support function, the IT Department is now a vital component to the ongoing productivity and success of any department or organization.

Today, with their time and resources in greater demand internally for attention than ever before and to effectively distribute vital resources where most needed, many progressive organizations are treating the IT department as a business unit with its own profit and loss.  With a proper market-based value assigned to the IT technician’s time and resources, the projects previously considered time wasters are discarded for the most highly valued projects to the organization.

While such a market-based structure is highly desired, logistically, it can be prohibitive without powerful software to track usage of core services such as voice, data, mobile phones, etc, and appropriately and accurately charge those services back to the correct internal department.

However utilizing business intelligence software, countless businesses have found that a centralized system delivers a noticeable increase in the quality and consistency of IT Service Delivery, while offering complete lifecycle management of assets from procurement, provisioning, payment and chargeback.

For centuries, free markets have rationally allocated scarce resources, and IT organizations don’t have to be different with their time.  Today, using Commusnication Management Software, they’re finally appropriately valued and allocated within the organization.  And they’ll still help you fix that trouble with your laptop.