Is Your Business Ready for the Worst?


It’s that time of year in Findlay, Ohio and it’s probably a time the residents there would just as soon avoid. Storms routinely hit that small town—as they have across the Northeast— and snow melts every year, resulting in flooding. 

Many of the residents there know what to expect and take steps to plan in advance for it.  They know that they may be called upon, with little advance warning, to leave their houses for days at a time. So they may have already moved valuable items and figured out an evacuation plan.

The same holds true for businesses all over the country…with one enormous difference.  By now most companies understand the need to have a business continuity plan in place, so they’ll be ready to adapt when (not if) a disaster hits.   Businesses know that disasters never hit on a planned schedule. It’s practically impossible to predict power outages in advance, nor can you pinpoint exactly when you’re going to suffer a server crash that knocks your business offline.

That’s why it’s so important for companies to fully plan for a complete range of disasters— those they can predict as well as those they can’t. The experts will tell you that a full business continuity (BC) plan incorporates far more than just disaster recovery aspects like full redundancy, failover, offsite storage and more. They know that BC planning requires you to look at the way you do business and to figure out who’ll do what…and who’ll go where…when a disaster hits.  Because if you can’t figure it all out in advance, rest assured you will not be able to figure it out when you need it the most.

Windstream’s approach has always been to provide the full range of services that help our clients get back up and running quickly when disasters of any kind strike—from active application level failover in the cloud, to storage level replication from site to site, to 2N-standard colocation facilities at our SSAE 16 certified data centers Most importantly, Windstream Hosted Solutions features a robust support model that grants our customers access to middleware, database, and virtualization engineers that are there during these difficult times continuously working to ensure our clients’ systems, and the business-critical information on them, are consistently available.

The folks in Findlay have figured it out, at least when it comes to floods.  You owe it to yourself to figure out the challenges your business could face.