Is Your Business Under Attack? It Could Be Soon.


This probably goes under the category of “good news, bad news;” the good news is that according to our partners at Cisco, the amount of spam sent out last year declined dramatically worldwide. The bad news, however, is that social engineering scams increased sharply. What that means is that the crooks are still after your sensitive company data, but they’re going about it in a more nefarious manner.

The volume of spam decreased in part because software vendors are moving much more aggressively to update their software and block the latest spam; updates issued several times a day are becoming the norm at several major vendors.

But at the same time, criminals have discovered that preying on peoples’ curiosity and their occasional lack of knowledge can be equally as effective in gaining access to data or money. The Cisco study says the hackers are increasingly employing “social engineering” tactics. They’re hacking trusted sites and networks in order to get you to download malware, or using malware to fool end-users into logging in to sites that may appear to be legitimate, but aren’t: they’re fronts for obtaining passwords, credit cards and account numbers that can used to steal you blind.

Businesses are especially at risk; in today’s marketplace, business network security and privacy breaches have far reaching implications. In addition to the risk of regulatory non- compliance, security breaches can lead to financial loss, reputation damage, all leading to weakened customer relationships. That’s why Windstream offers dedicated managed network security and secure networking services to our business clients. We deploy advanced technology like IPS/IDS, customizable firewalls, and secure VPN connections to help keep your networks, and the information contained on them, safe from unauthorized access.

It requires constant vigilance, of course. Any company that allows itself to rest on its security laurels is virtually asking to be hacked. At Windstream, we’re on the job every hour of every day. We may be seeing a drop in the amount of spam, but we know it’s not because the bad guys are going away. That’s the bad news. The good news is that at Windstream we’re constantly working to keep our customers’ networks secure.