Demystifying VoIP for Business


If you’re frustrated with your current phone system, and even thinking about getting rid of your panned POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), in favor of a modern VoIP-based system, you’ll want to hold off until after you’ve heard what Zeus Kerravala has to say.

He’s a Senior Vice President and Distinguished Fellow at the Yankee Group research analyst group, based in Boston, and he’s one of the leading thinkers in this segment.  He’s our featured speaker at a webinar we’re hosting next  week, called, “Demystifying VoIP for Business.”  Zeus will be speaking about the top 10 misconceptions about VoIP and detailing how a hosted VoIP solution can streamline your communication technologies.

Keep in mind that while a clear majority of companies are using VoIP in their organizations, Kerravala says only one-quarter have deployed it completely; many of the barriers which keep companies from doing so are really more ones of perception than reality, he says.

For instance, many firms are worried that transitioning to VoIP will cost them a lot of money upfront.  The reality, Kerravala says, is that while replacing all of your existing networking and telephony infrastructure at one time canbe significantly expensive, the total cost of moving to a hosted VoIP environment is far less.  That’s true, not only for the first-time CapEx and implementation costs, but it’s especially true as you look at ongoing factors such as reduced IT maintenance time, fast access to new features and easy integration with other providers.

Kerravala also says that in today’s work environment, which is increasingly dependent on mobile and collaborative architectures, properly deployed VoIP can be a “cornerstone.” Hosted VoIP, he says, provides a cost-effective, scalable and low-risk deployment option.

Zeus won’t be the only speaker at the webinar; Windstream will have a panel of experts with years of experience in the industry to share their thoughts as well.  There’s no cost to attend the webinar, and there’s still room available.You can register for the “Demystifying VoIP for Business” webinar here.  

We’re guessing that by the end of the webinar, many of your questions about deploying a hosted VoIP environment will have been answered, but you may find yourself with another question:  “Why have I waited so long?”