Why Your Business Needs a Data Center


Disaster can strike without any advance notice. It may be a bright, beautiful day and without forewarning a fire breaks out that destroys everything your company has worked so hard to achieve.  Or in the middle of the night you could receive a phone call informing you that a water pipe within your office has ruptured, shooting thousands of gallons of water throughout your office destroying computer equipment and the data stored on it.

In order to protect company data and equipment, it’s critical for all businesses to have a disaster plan and to routinely backup their data to an off-site data center.

Consider what happened a while back to a family business in the Midwest. A carpet store that had been in business for 30 years burned to the ground. Gone were thousands of dollars worth of equipment and carpet, plus two smaller businesses that were housed in the same building. Luckily the owners had plenty of business insurance to cover their physical losses. But they lost their most important business asset - customer records - because of failed back up systems. They thought they did the right thing by backing up their computer systems every night. But they forgot to test whether the back up would work. And it didn’t. Rebuilding their customer base will be tough and the long-term revenue impact is hard to measure. But you can bet it will be tough, if not impossible, for their business to survive.

According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) about one fourth of all businesses that close because of a disaster never reopen. That is a startling statistic.  As a business owner or manager, one of the last things you ever want to do is to be faced with communicating to your customers, employees and shareholders that due to lack of planning and preparedness on your part, your company will not reopen after a disaster strikes. 

In addition to providing a company with disaster preparedness, data centers also play an important role in increased network uptime, reduced bandwidth costs, regulatory compliance and redundancy.

Off-site data centers also should be taken into consideration when businesses are looking to expand their data storage capabilities. Why invest thousands of capital dollars expanding an existing customer data center when, for a fraction of that amount, a business can take advantage of the data center products and services that Windstream offers?  Data centers offer a secure, climate controlled environment to house mission-critical data equipment and provide power and network connectivity.

Windstream’s business customers access their data center products and services through Windstream’s highly robust, secure and redundant data network services.  This is a huge plus when it comes to data center solutions, as redundancy is only as good as the weakest link and the data network is simply not reliable from other companies. 

Windstream has many data centers and shared colocation centers strategically positioned in many parts of the country.  Therefore, business customers may have their data equipment positioned relatively close by but yet not too close so it provides the important geographical separation that is recommended when it comes to data center solutions.

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