The Larger Truth


Every now and then, you’ll come across a news release from a vendor that actually speaks to a larger truth.  More than just announcing a new product or service, or proclaiming that its CEO is speaking at some conference, it contains information that makes you sit up and think about what it could mean to your organization.

I’d like to think that’s what we did today.

We announced a new customer, a smaller company here in North Carolina.  But don’t mistake small for small capabilities, not for a second.  This company performs vital services for many of the world’s top business schools.  It also, through another line of business, works with a Fortune 50 corporation, performing as many as six thousand customer satisfaction surveys every single month.

Almost all of this work is done online.  It’s one of the beauties of the Internet that a smaller company, like our customer, is able to harness the Net’s power and take advantage of it to compete…and win…against companies that are far bigger.  It’s a classic case where a company with a great idea really can make an impact on the market, regardless of its size.

But having the Internet as an essential building block of your company also presents potential challenges. If you’re depending on the Internet, you simply can’t afford to lose your connection…or your data.  Not even for a minute.  Because if your service is interrupted, if your network fails, you’re out of business.  And the Internet has made it far too easy for companies to quickly find other alternatives.  Meaning that by the time you’re back up and running, your customers may be running as well.  To your competitor.

Our client realized that their old provider had blocked Internet access to and from a number of countries, to lessen the chances of spam and cyberattacks.  But it restricted them from doing business with some of their customers; they were reduced to sending messages by fax.  Very 1980s, thank you very much.

We helped them transition to a much more robust and secure infrastructure that allows them to do business without missing a beat.  As a result, they’re confidently closing new business…a new client every three weeks.  How many of us can say the same?

This is the larger truth:  in today’s world, the Internet allows you to act bigger than you may be, and to do business every bit as well as the big boys.  But if you say you can, the Internet also demands that you be able to prove it.  That, more than any jargon-filled news release, speaks to why uptime is so critical.  For our new customer.  And for you.