Business-Critical Internet Access. Windstream's T1 Dedicated Internet solutions support business-critical Internet applications with high-speed connectivity and reliable, secure, dedicated Internet access.

Get T1 Dedicated Internet Access. Never Compete for Bandwidth.

Your broadband Dedicated Internet connection is not shared with others. So unlike cable modems, you never compete for bandwidth. Dedicated access empowers your distributed workforce to communicate, collaborate and work more productively—confidently and securely sharing large data files over the Internet at the same fast speed for uploads and downloads. 

Redundant Infrastructure Optimizes Dedicated Internet Access Performance

Windstream's Dedicated Internet Access, highly dependable and redundant infrastructure, 24-hour network monitoring and customer support optimizes network performance. Don’t let unreliable broadband Internet connections hinder or halt your ability to conduct business. Rely on T1 Dedicated Internet Access for your high-speed business Internet connections.

Dedicated Internet Features

  • Network Connectivity: Connect on-site web, email, DNS servers and other business-critical applications
  • Secure Access: Securely upload and download large data files and share across the enterprise
  • Dedicated Bandwidth: High-peformance, dedicated access to run your web-based applications, conduct video conferences and stream video
  • Multi-Site Access: Connect multiple locations across your enterprise

Dedicated Internet Benefits

  • Consistent Broadband Performance: The same speed is available to your business 24 x 7 
  • TDM Handoff: Dedicated Internet access delivered via a range of T1, multiple T1s, or higher speed SONET circuits
  • Reliable, Robust Network: Best-in-class IP networking solutions engineered to deliver the speed and dependability businesses require
  • Local Support: Locally-based technicians and 24 x 7 tech support provide service provisioning and upgrades promptly