Are You Equipped to Handle Disaster?

Without a business continuity plan, natural and man-made threats—from leaky pipes and power outages to tornadoes and fires—put your business at constant risk of losing valuable data, revenue and customers.

Take Your Business Continuity Plan to the Cloud

Your company’s communications technology must be a key component of your business continuity plan. Organizations can ensure that their mission-critical data and applications are protected through Cloud Computing, Data Backup and Storage services at state-of-the-art Windstream Data Centers. Let the experts at Windstream review your business continuity plan and fill in any gaps with our wide array of cloud-based services.

Industry-Specific Business Continuity Expertise

Windstream has a special focus on industry-specific business continuity programs. For businesses that must maintain regulatory compliance, we’ll provide the necessary tools to adhere to all government and industry regulations for record retention and disaster recovery for essential data. And our Unified Communications and Hosted Voice services are ideal for organizations whose daily operations are contingent on phone communication.

Highly Certified Engineers at Your Service

The engineers at each of Windstream’s Enterprise-class Data Centers have been trained to expect the unexpected. They monitor networks 24 x 7 and regularly test and maintain all of the systems to ensure functional and vigilant Automatic Transfer Switches and Uninterrupted Power Supply systems, so our customers get exceptional service with an industry-leading uptime guarantee.

Windstream and DRaaS in Your Corner

Windstream Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) combines the best of replication, cloud and virtualization technologies, delivering customized and comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that provide everything you need to ensure your data, applications and communications are safe, secure and there when you need them.

Business Continuity for Small Businesses

A small business cannot afford downtime or a loss of important data. Windstream has solutions such as Online Data Backup and Computer Repair that keep your organization up and running so you can focus on growing your business.