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Network Investment Video

Windstream talks about the investment that is being made to its network. 

Hosted Email Archiving Fact Sheet

Email Archiving powered by Windstream helps you preserve information, protect intellectual property, assure compliance and speed eDiscovery with fast, scalable, secure service that offers easy setup and use.

Windstream Cloud Connect Video

Learn how Windstream Cloud Connect provides highly secure, private, dedicated access to third-party hosted cloud services, ensuring a faster, safer, more reliable and available cloud experience.

UCaaS Video

With Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) designed, delivered and managed by Windstream, you have all the UC muscle and bandwidth without the bother of the box. Learn how this next generation, disruptive innovation delivers a competitive advantage for businesses of all sizes. 

7 Reasons Businesses are Moving to the Cloud Checklist

Businesses are increasingly transitioning to cloud communication architectures and in fact, adoption of hosted IP telephony and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is expected to steadily expand by about 25-30% year over year. Here’s why.

8 Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Connection to Your Cloud Provider Checklist

While the public Internet offers flexible, on-demand applications and infrastructure, it fails to meet the requirements of many mission-critical applications and also introduces new challenges. Here are eight reasons why a dedicated connection to your cloud provider is a better choice than the public Internet.

Cloud Connect Infographic

Using the public Internet to connect your WAN to CSPs introduces a number of issues, including expanded security threats, unpredictable performance and decreased reliability. Learn about the current state of cloud connectivity and how private cloud service provider connectivity is improving security, speed and reliability.

Wave Service for Healthcare Brochure

Windstream Wave Service for Healthcare gives you a highly resilient, high-capacity carrier-grade transport network capable of delivering the bandwidth, geographical coverage, security, agility and control your organization demands for point-to-point transport of critical healthcare information—all at a price your organization can afford.