Windstream Resources

MPLS Webinar

Learn how custom MPLS network designs are optimizing performance for enterprise businesses with multiple locations, maximizing bandwidth and increasing productivity.

    Data Centers Outsource or Own

    Windstream and Forrester Research analyst Rachel Dines look at the economics of data centers and how you can maximize IT dollars by outsourcing your data center facilities. Register to listen to this on-demand webinar, "Data Centers: Outsource or Own?"

    DRaaS Webinar

    With Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) businesses can use the cloud to deliver quick recovery times at a lower price point.

      Countering DDoS, Banking on a Solution That Works

      Terry Ray, Chief Product Strategist at Imperva , joins Windstream’s Denny Heaberlin, Senior Consultant, Cloud & Data Center Marketing, to discuss key trends shaping the DDoS universe.

      Enhance Data Protection and Recoverability

      Traditional data protection can no longer meet the recovery and availability needs of today's enterprises and midsized companies. Watch this on-demand webinar for insights on how cloud services can enhance data protection and recoverability presented by Forrester Research and Windstream.

      How to Tailor Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

      Watch this on-demand webinar for insights into creating a hybrid cloud strategy that most effectively supports your business objectives and eases the migration to a hybrid cloud—including the challenges, latest trends and key benefits of hybrid cloud solutions.

      Get Your E-Commerce Site Ready for Holiday Traffic

      Guest speaker and Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, Lauren Nelson, joins Windstream’s Kent Landry, Sr. Consultant-Product Marketing in this Windstream On-Demand Webinar. Learn about key trends shaping the future of e-commerce with insight and guidance for managed hosting and cloud infrastructure services to meet e-commerce challenges during the peak holiday shopping period.

      Cyber Threat Landscape and Strategies for Defense

      As indicated by the news stories that are becoming more frequent, cyber crime of all degrees in severity is appearing everywhere these days, causing alarm to businesses and customers across a variety of industries. To defend against exploits like these, a comprehensive security defense strategy is key.

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