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IP Simple Video

Learn how you can leverage Windstream’s IP Simple Managed Unified Communications, offering managed business phone solutions with Allworx business phone systems and VoIP and data services with no upfront capital expenses. Register to view this IP Simple-Unified Communications video.

Managed Network Services Video

Implementing Managed Services in the data center and cloud space, Windstream offers consistency and reliability while lowering costs. Watch this video to learn how you can gain dramatic improvements by adopting Windstream Managed Services.

Windstream Hospitality Technology Solutions Video

Windstream offers single-source voice, data, network and cloud services with unified communications solutions for the hospitality Industry. Watch this video to learn how Windstream provides piece of mind that comes with establishing a secure, private network connection for both guests and management.

E-Rate Winning Team Video

Windstream’s E-Rate Team share their insights on the new E-Rate Modernization Order and how our dedicated E-Rate regulatory, product and telesales experts work together to help K-12 schools and libraries find E-Rate eligible solutions while providing support through the application and funding process.

The Windstream Cloud Video

See how businesses are leveraging public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud computing and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions, hosted in enterprise-class data centers nationwide. Watch "The Windstream Cloud" video.

What is DRaaS? | Video | Windstream Video

Watch this "What is DRaaS?" video for a quick primer on DRaaS advantages and learn how Windstream DRaaS solutions offer the best of data center cloud, network and storage capabilities in fully managed failover cloud environment.

Smart Solutions for Businesses Nationwide Video

Watch our "Smart Solutions for Enterprise Businesses Nationwide" video. Learn why over 450,000 businesses including 4 out 5 Fortune 500 companies trust Windstream for data, voice, network and cloud solutions—now one of the nation’s largest providers of communications and technology services.

Windstream Business Solutions Video

With a full portfolio of data, voice, network and cloud solutions offered nationwide, no one connects you like Windstream. Watch the "Windstream Business Solutions" video to learn about Windstream's smart solutions and personalized service, from managed services and unified communications to network security and business continuity.

Small Business Solutions Video

Windstream's professional IT solutions for small business help you grow your business and keep it up and running smoothly  while controlling cost. Watch this video to learn more about data, voice. network and cloud services and see how Windstream's smart solutions, personalized service can benefit your small or mid-sized company. 

E‑Rate Eligible Solutions Video

Windstream can help your K-12 school or library get the most out of the E-Rate Program. The E-Rate Modernization Order has brought major changes the E-Rate application process and new funding—saving schools and libraries 20% - 90% on advanced communications technologies and services like WiFi and VoIP. 

BYOD & Your Business: Managing the Challenges with Unified Communications Video

“Bring your own device,” or BYOD, enables your employees be productive and collaborate wherever they are, but it also introduces concerns around security and compliance. Austin Herrington, Windstream Director of Enterprise/CPE Product Marketing, explains how Unified Communications (UC) can help you address these challenges and focus on your core business.

UC Tailored for You: Get the Right Unified Communications Solution Video

The right UC solution helps customers connect to your business and enables your employees to boost productivity, but one size does not fit all. In this whiteboard video, Windstream Director of Enterprise/CPE Product Marketing, Austin Herrington, outlines key considerations to evaluate, including business applications and call center needs, mobility requirements and implementation models.

Stair Step Approach to the Cloud: How Windstream guides a smooth, fast migration Video

When migrating applications to the cloud, it’s critical to ask the right questions and allow time for careful planning on the front end. The key to a successful implementation, says Windstream Director of Data Center and Cloud Marketing, Rob Carter, is a step-by-step process that includes assessment, planning and migration.

Network and Cloud: Better Together Video

A recent Forrester study showed network readiness is a top concern for customers migrating to the cloud. Peter Tonti, Windstream Vice President of Enterprise Product Marketing, says choosing a single provider for your network and cloud services helps ensure your network has adequate bandwidth and the quality of service required for a successful implementation.

Cloud Expo 2014 Video

Learn about Windstream’s integrated value proposition for data, voice network and cloud with 27 data centers, 115,000 fiber route miles and Service Level Agreements that achieve enterprise-class sustainability, reliability and affordability for Windstream customers.

Data Center Tour Video

Watch the "Windstream Hosted Solution Data Center Tour" video and take a virtual tour of a typical Windstream Hosted Solutions Data Center. Get a behind-the-scenes look into our services, features and operations in our secure, enterprise-class data centers nationwide.

Premier Enterprise Services Provider Video

Follow Windstream's journey to becoming a premier enterprise services provider, thanks in part to a robust product portfolio and the introduction of new data centers nationwide. Watch "Windstream's Journey to Become a Premier Enterprise Services Provider" video, a collaborative production by Windstream and Channel Partners.

Windstream IP Simple with Allworx Connect Video

Want your orgainization to be better connectd, with a simple, yet powerful system at a lower cost? It is all possible with IP Simple.

How DRaaS Delivers Business Continuity Video

Windstream’s virtualization, storage and networking experts share how they design, implement, test and document custom business continuity and disaster recovery plans, providing DRaaS solutions to meet customers' performance, governance, risk and compliance requirements. Watch this video.

Windstream's NetApp DRaaS Solution Video

Windstream has partnered with NetApp, creating a cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution that goes well beyond backup. Watch this video to learn how businesses of all sizes can get disaster recovery at fraction of the cost of in-house solutions through Windstream’s NetApp DRaaS.

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