Fixed Wireless FAQs

Get answers to questions about Fixed Wireless services, installation and more in this Windstream Fixed Wireless Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet.

Docker Demo

This Windstream video demonstrates how Docker open container platform technology simplifies development and deployment of distributed, containerized applications.

Docker User Guide

Windstream Hosted Solutions Docker open platform runs distributed applications that can be built, shipped and enabled from anywhere. Docker is similar to virtualization, but at the application level, where multiple applications can run within their own containers with unique iterations of operating systems at different kernel levels.

Data Centers Outsource or Own

Windstream and Forrester Research analyst Rachel Dines look at the economics of data centers and how you can maximize IT dollars by outsourcing your data center facilities. Register to listen to this on-demand webinar, "Data Centers: Outsource or Own?"

Get Your E-Commerce Site Ready for Holiday Traffic

Guest speaker and Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, Lauren Nelson, joins Windstream’s Kent Landry, Sr. Consultant-Product Marketing in this Windstream On-Demand Webinar. Learn about key trends shaping the future of e-commerce with insight and guidance for managed hosting and cloud infrastructure services to meet e-commerce challenges during the peak holiday shopping period.

DRaaS Webinar

With Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) businesses can use the cloud to deliver quick recovery times at a lower price point.

    MPLS Webinar

    Learn how custom MPLS network designs are optimizing performance for enterprise businesses with multiple locations, maximizing bandwidth and increasing productivity.

      Guide to Security and Privacy in a Hosted Exchange Environment Tech Document

      The cloud enables fully featured Exchange functionality without investing capital into extensive on-premises hardware and software deployments. But not all clouds are created equal. It’s critical to look beyond functionality and pricing to elements such as onboarding, support, back-end architecture and security.

      Key Security Considerations for Cloud Migration Tech Document

      While the benefits of cloud adoption are clear—including new levels of speed, agility and scale while shifting capital expenses to operational expenses and freeing IT resources—it’s also a complex undertaking. In this Windstream Technical Document, learn the critical questions to consider before deploying applications to a cloud environment and how Windstream’s migration services help you manage the complexity and realize the benefits more quickly.

      Countering DDoS, Banking on a Solution That Works

      Terry Ray, Chief Product Strategist at Imperva , joins Windstream’s Denny Heaberlin, Senior Consultant, Cloud & Data Center Marketing, to discuss key trends shaping the DDoS universe.

      Advanced Application Reporting Demo

      Watch our Windstream Advanced Application Reporting (AAR) video. See how AAR provides real-time and historical Wide Area Network (WAN) traffic, utilization and performance metrics and data—to monitor your network to optimize infrastructure and performance.

      Hosted Solutions Portal Demo

      View the entire demo or select only what you are most interested in.

      Windstream Cloud Portal User Guide

      The Windstream Cloud Portal provides customers with at-a-glance monitoring and self-service control of their cloud and data center assets such as virtual machines and firewalls.

      Windstream Hosted Solutions vCloud Director User Guide

      Windstream uses VMWare’s vCloud Director to allow end users access to their cloud resources and to create new VMs, change hardware settings, access the console and upload VMs to the cloud.  Learn more in this vCloud Director User Guide.

      Windstream/Racemi Cloud Migration Demo

      Watch this Cloud Migration video demo and see how easily Windstream’s CloudPath server migration software streamlines and automates migration of data and existing physical and virtual servers to cloud. Reduce migration time from days to minutes and avoiding downtime—with no on-site infrastructure to deploy or manage and no capital investments.

      Cloud Migration Services Technical User Guide

      Use this Windstream Cloud Migration Technical User Guide as a resource for configuration and operating systems for physical and virtual servers, providing the technical specifications you need to know to successfully implement the cloud migration process.

      Windstream Network Portal User Guide

      The Windstream Network Portal User Guide provides step-by-step navigation through the Network Portal, supporting Dedicated Internet, Ethernet Internet, Dynamic IP, Virtual, PBX Virtual LAN Services and Virtual Private Network. This web-based reporting tool enables you to view core network performance statistics, such as availability, latency, packet loss jitter, bandwidth utilization and connectivity.

      Advanced Application Reporting User Guide

      The Windstream Advanced Application Reporting User Guide provides information and procedures to help you effectively use the Advanced Application Reporting (AAR) product’s reporting capabilities. Use AAR data to help you make accurate decisions regarding cost reduction, capacity planning, troubleshooting and network traffic analysis across the enterprise.

      International Conferencing User Guide

      The International Conferencing Guide gives you and overview and explains the conference center and conference controls.

      Web Conferencing User Guide

      The Web Conferencing Guide gives you and overview and explains the conference center and conference controls.