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Wave Service for Healthcare Brochure

Windstream Wave Service for Healthcare gives you a highly resilient, high-capacity carrier-grade transport network capable of delivering the bandwidth, geographical coverage, security, agility and control your organization demands for point-to-point transport of critical healthcare information—all at a price your organization can afford.

Prognosis for Healthcare Technology: 6 Top Vital Signs Checklist

As the use of technology expands and critical electronic patient data is increasingly dispersed across multiple locations, it’s important to monitor these six top vital signs to ensure a healthy, secure healthcare technology prognosis.

Three MUST-DOs for Healthcare CIOs Infographic

Windstream shares three must-dos as healthcare CIOs rethink and realign technology agendas to accommodate the rapidly changing healthcare computing and communications landscape.

Tennessee Members 1st Case Study

Windstream’s IP Simple solution provided the reliability and flexibility Tennessee Members 1st needed to grow their business.

IP Simple Calculator Checklist

Use this IP Simple worksheet to calculate how much you’ll save by combining voice and data on a single network, replacing outdated equipment, installing more advanced network technology while lowering your overall monthly cost for service.

Enterprise Wave Service Brochure

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) service or “Wave” from Windstream offers bandwidth speeds that range from 1G to 100G and 60,000 regional, metro and long-haul route combinations. Create a secure network solution offering point-to-point connectivity to accommodate increasing bandwidth demands, without high upfront CAPEX.

CCaaS Brochure

Accommodate your customer’s preferred communication medium of choice and changing demand patterns with highly secure, proven, cloud-based technology—designed, delivered and managed by Windstream’s expert Contact Center team.

Hospitality Virtual PBX Brochure

Learn how Virtual PBX cloud-based hospitality communications solutions designed, delivered and managed by Windstream help leading hoteliers deliver an outstanding brand experience and best-in-class guest services.