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Windstream Advantage

No matter how complex your needs, Windstream delivers solutions with superior performance, enhanced security and exceptional reliability. That's why more than 450,000 businesses including four out of five Fortune 500 companies choose Windstream for data, voice, network and clous solutions.

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Advanced Application Reporting Fact Sheet

Advanced Application Reporting (AAR) provides comprehensive, enterprise-wide visibility into the composition of Wide Area Network (WAN) traffic on Windstream data network solutions.

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Developing a UC Strategy for Your Business

Get guidelines on how to create a sound Unified Communications (UC) strategy for your business when you register and download this free Windstream Tech Article, "Developing a UC Strategy for Your Business."

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The New Hybrid Cloud: How a Hybrid Approach Can Work for You Today

Director of Data Center and Cloud Marketing, Rob Carter shows, in this whiteboard video, how Windstream's approach to the hybrid cloud enables you to integrate all of your computing environments by connecting colocated or dedicated servers in a Windstream Data Center to the Windstream Public Cloud or linking your existing Windstream Private Cloud to the Public Cloud.

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Network and Cloud: Better Together

A recent Forrester study showed network readiness is a top concern for customers migrating to the cloud. Peter Tonti, Windstream Vice President of Enterprise Product Marketing, says choosing a single provider for your network and cloud services helps ensure your network has adequate bandwidth and the quality of service required for a successful implementation.

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Stair Step Approach to the Cloud: How Windstream guides a smooth, fast migration

When migrating applications to the cloud, it’s critical to ask the right questions and allow time for careful planning on the front end. The key to a successful implementation, says Windstream Director of Data Center and Cloud Marketing, Rob Carter, is a step-by-step process that includes assessment, planning and migration.

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UC Tailored for You: Get the right Unified Communications solution

The right UC solution helps customers connect to your business and enables your employees to boost productivity, but one size does not fit all. In this whiteboard video, Windstream Director of Enterprise/CPE Product Marketing, Austin Herrington, outlines key considerations to evaluate, including business applications and call center needs, mobility requirements and implementation models.

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BYOD & Your Business: Managing the Challenges with Unified Communications

“Bring your own device,” or BYOD, enables your employees be productive and collaborate wherever they are, but it also introduces concerns around security and compliance. Austin Herrington, Windstream Director of Enterprise/CPE Product Marketing, explains how Unified Communications (UC) can help you address these challenges and focus on your core business.

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