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E-Rate Infographic

Check out this infographic for a step-by-step guide on how to get started with the Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC) E-Rate program. K-12 schools and libraries can save up to 90% on eligible telecom services!

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Windstream Wave Service Video

Big data, cloud-based applications, distributed workforces and multiple locations challenge your company’s network infrastructure. Watch this video to discover how Wave Service from Windstream helps ensure speed, capacity and reliability from your most vital network connections with a dedicated optical network.

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SD-WAN Solutions Brochure

As demand for cloud applications and services grows, enterprises need to re-examine their WAN strategies and architectures to optimize business efficiencies, protect critical data and enhance the user experience across public, private and cloud paths. Windstream SD-WAN delivers cloud-ready, secure and cost-effective networking over any connection type, access point or carrier.

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SD-WAN Fact Sheet

Enterprise WANs are becoming increasingly complex, costly and time consuming to manage—especially for businesses with multiple locations and limited access options. Windstream SD-WAN delivers cloud-ready, secure, dynamic and cost-effective networking to branch offices and remote sites via software intelligence—irrespective of the underlying connection type, access point or carrier.

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VPBX for Hospitality – My Site Overview Demo

This tutorial shows you how to manage and configure features and settings in the Windstream Hosted Communications my Site Portal.

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VPBX for Hospitality – Receptionist Console Overview Demo

Watch this tutorial to get a walkthrough of the web-based Receptionist Console. You’ll learn how to answer and manage incoming calls quickly and efficiently.

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VPBX for Hospitality – My Phone Overview Demo

See how the My Phone web portal enables you to manage and configure the features and settings of your service, as well as to check your voicemails and personal faxes.

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VPBX for Hospitality – Hospitality Portal Overview Demo

Watch this tutorial to find out how this easy-to-use web portal combines your communications services and operational practices to streamline those services for your guests and staff.

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