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The Path to Value in the Cloud by Oxford Economics

The Path to Value in the Cloud research study by Oxford Economics and Windstream shows that the cloud already is central to strategic vision and operations—and that its influence is growing rapidly. As more business functions move into the cloud, organizations realize increasing benefits. But cloud also presents formidable challenges. Read this report for insight into cloud adoption and cloud migration trends and critical factors that contribute to a best–practice approach to the cloud.

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Windstream/Racemi Cloud Migration Demo

Watch this Cloud Migration video demo and see how easily Windstream’s CloudPath server migration software streamlines and automates migration of data and existing physical and virtual servers to cloud. Reduce migration time from days to minutes and avoiding downtime—with no on-site infrastructure to deploy or manage and no capital investments.

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The Time is Right for Unified Communications

In this Windstream White Paper, we examine trends as employees move from traditional desktop technology to on-the-go smartphones and tablets and unified communications (UC), the single application interface that enables people to seamlessly access phone, instant messaging, email, voice messaging, texting and Web-based video conferencing. With the rise of mobility, the time is right to implement a comprehensive, cost-effective UC strategy.

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Cloud Migration Brochure

Windstream Cloud Migration Service is a self-service Software as a Service (SaaS) that simplifies your server migrations. With Windstream Cloud Migration Service you can migrate your server workloads to any of the Windstream hybrid enabled Public Clouds.

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Windstream Hosted Solutions Service Level Agreement

Learn about Windstream Hosted Solution’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs), offering tiers of support with uptime guarantees ranging from 99.5% to 100%. Windstream works with you to understand the level of availability that you need to meet your business objectives while driving performance and reducing costs for your business.

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Cloud Migration Services Technical User Guide

Use this Windstream Cloud Migration Technical User Guide as a resource for configuration and operating systems for physical and virtual servers, providing the technical specifications you need to know to successfully implement the cloud migration process.

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Cloud Migration Service

Learn about the features and benefits of Windstream Cloud Migration Service, an automated server migration software that deploys a non-disruptive migration process, enabling quick, automated migration of existing physical and virtual servers from customer data centers to Windstream’s cloud. 

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MarketPro Case Study

Marketing leaders today are under tremendous pressure to deliver high-impact campaigns that directly contribute to measurable business results. This requires sophisticated digital skills and experience in disciplines such as social media, data analysis and lead management. Yet many organizations do not have the talent they need to succeed—at least not in-house.

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