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Managed Remote Backup FS Fact Sheet

Windstream Managed Remote Backup delivers secure data protection 24 x 7 with data backup and storage on best-in-class backup servers in secure SSAE 16 data centers.

How to Tailor Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Watch this on-demand webinar for insights into creating a hybrid cloud strategy that most effectively supports your business objectives and eases the migration to a hybrid cloud—including the challenges, latest trends and key benefits of hybrid cloud solutions.

DRaas: On Call, All The Time eBook

Download this Windstream eBook “On Call, All the Time, Disaster Recovery as a Service from Windstream.” Read why traditional disaster recovery response isn’t always the most efficient and cost-effective response. Learn how to save time, cut costs and minimize risk with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Are You Taking Business Continuity Seriously? Infographic

Download this Windstream Infographic,“Are You Taking Business Continuity Seriously?” to learn what IT professionals are—and aren’t— doing to address business continuity, and find out how to better protect your organization from costly downtime.

Flirting with Disaster? Or Disaster Recovery Infographic

Nearly 3 in 4 global companies surveyed are at risk, failing to prepare for disaster recovery. Download this Windstream Infographic,“Flirting with Disaster? Or Disaster Recovery” for a snapshot of disaster recovery concerns and the advantages of disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions.

First American Bank Case Study

Learn how First American Bank completely transformed their business model, elevating the way they interact with customers by creating a decentralized contact center. Their Windstream solution, featuring Dynamic IP (VoIP) service, SIP trunk-to-trunk overflow and MPLS networking enables tellers at all locations to take customer service calls from all over the country, providing a consolidated feel to customer service, catering to their customers’ banking needs. 

Docker Demo

This Windstream video demonstrates how Docker open container platform technology simplifies development and deployment of distributed, containerized applications.

Docker User Guide

Windstream Hosted Solutions Docker open platform runs distributed applications that can be built, shipped and enabled from anywhere. Docker is similar to virtualization, but at the application level, where multiple applications can run within their own containers with unique iterations of operating systems at different kernel levels.