Superior Clarity & Reliability

Stay connected with Windstream local business phone services and voice lines and keep your business running smoothly around the clock. Windstream business voice lines and local phone service are backed by the experience, products and 24 x 7 support to ensure we deliver reliable, cost-efficient local phone services and phone line features your business needs.


Voice Lines

  • Basic Business Lines
  • Key Lines
  • PBX Trunks
  • DID Trunks
  • Channelized T1 Trunks
  • PRI-ISDN Lines

Phone Systems & Equipment

  • VoIP Telephony
  • PBX Systems
  • Unified Messaging
  • Direct Inward Dialing Trunks

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Business Phone Service Features & Voicemail Services


Stop Missing Important Calls

  • Call Forwarding Busy Line/No Answer Transfer sends unanswered calls to a designated number.
  • Call Forwarding temporarily routes incoming calls to an alternate number.
  • Call Forwarding Preferred routes up to 12 specific callers to an alternate number.
  • Phone Call Selector programs up to 12 VIP numbers to have a distinctive ring tone.
  • Hunt Group routes calls from an unanswered phone line to an available line in a designated group of numbers.

Avoid Unnecessary Interruptions

  • Anonymous Phone Call Rejection blocks call from unknown/blocked numbers.
  • Call Trace identifies where malicious and/or harassing calls are coming from.
  • Enhanced Call Waiting lets you choose whether or not to hear a call waiting beep.
  • Enhanced Call ID displays who is calling even when you’re on another call.
  • Selective Phone Call Acceptance allows you to designate up to 12 numbers that can reach you while you’re focusing on meetings or important business.
  • Selective Phone Call Rejection blocks unwanted calls from up to 12 numbers.

Enhance Control & Convenience

  • Phone Call Return dials the last incoming call to your business line.
  • Call Transfer easily directs callers to their appropriate contact.
  • Repeat Dialing redials a busy number and sends you a notification when the line is available.
  • Speed Dial Lists store frequently dialed numbers for quick and easy calling.
  • Three-Way Calling lets you collaborate with business partners and team members.
  • Business Voice Mail enables easy message management.
  • Unified Messaging(1) lets you listen to and manage your voice messages online or via email, manage your contacts and phone calls and even share your voice mailbox for your business line and your cell phone.
  1. Unified Messaging not available in all markets and all areas.