Leasing Makes Good Business Sense

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Equipment, software and service financing and leasing through Windstream is part of our Equipment for Services (EFS) program. Windstream partners with banks and leasing companies to provide flexible leasing options with competitive rates—all while allowing businesses to upgrade to the most state-of-the-art commerce with little or no capital outlay.

Why Leasing and Financing IT and Telecom Equipment is Ideal

Although buying technology gives you ownership, it may not be the most economical means of acquisition. Technology depreciates at an amazing rate. Why use your capital to pay for a depreciating asset that offers practically no benefit when you have to replace it? Leasing your IT and telecommunications equipment, software and services from Windstream is an ideal business solution for:

  • Preserving your company’s line of credit. Reserve it for potential lending needs further down the road.
  • Lowering costs. Traditional bank loans often require higher down payments and the loan has to be capitalized, which means it can’t be depreciated.
  • Keeping the purchase off your balance sheet. Financing programs may qualify for "off-balance-sheet financing" providing benefits under the FASB 13 rules.
  • Gaining potential tax benefits. Many Windstream programs provide you with tax benefits, treating a lease as fully tax-deductible OpEx.
  • Convenient billing. With a bundled deal, the lease payment is billed and collected (on behalf of the bank/leasing company) on the Windstream network invoice.
  • Optimizing ROI. Spending capital on equipment today could cost you money by not getting a return. Think about investing on appreciating assets. 
  • Future-proofing your business. Innovative financing plans allow you to upgrade your equipment as needed, ensuring you will always have the latest technology.
  • One-stop shopping. You can bundle network, equipment, software, services, consulting and fees into one financing option.
  • Subsidy credit. Windstream shares a portion of the network margin to assist you in paying for your purchase.

Windstream offers a variety of innovative, customer-focused leasing and financing solutions.

Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease

  • Make monthly payments for a specified term without intent to own the system.
  • Usually qualifies for “off-balance-sheet” treatment—the payment is written-off each month as an operating expense in pre-tax dollars.
  • The asset can be returned or purchased for an FMV at the end of the term or financed longer term.
  • Offers many tax benefits and typically the lowest monthly payment.

$1 Out Lease

  • Make monthly payments for a specified term with intent to own the system.
  • From an accounting standpoint, lease is treated as an asset on your balance sheet with tax benefits in the form of depreciation.
  • You can purchase the leased items for $1.00 at lease end.
  • “Soft Service” items must all be $1BO.

Rental Program

  • Rent with the ability to upgrade to new equipment and technology at any time.
  • Recast financial contract as your business needs change without out-of-pocket expenses or increase in payment.
  • Cash is not tied up in a depreciating asset.
  • In most cases, qualifies for “off-balance-sheet financing” and may provide significant tax benefits such as fully deductible payments.