Multi-Site Businesses Use Their Connections to Do Business Smarter.

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Business VPN and Virtual LAN options over Windstream's Advanced MPLS IP Network keep private information private with fast and secure communications between multiple sites or locations.

MPLS Networking Securely Transmits Data Between Multiple Locations

Windstream's MPLS Networking Solutions with Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Virtual LAN Service (VLS) options extend communications across multiple business locations with fast and secure connections. Windstream's networking services provide a private, secure multi-site connection built across the Windstream core MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) advanced IP network, dynamically allocating bandwidth among voice, networking and Internet/data applications to maximize performance. Flexible Virtual LAN routing options allow you to maintain control over your routing and IP address plans, or Windstream can configure your VPN solution and maintain everything for you.

Graphic illustrates Windstream MPLS multi-location networking solution. 2

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Fully managed by Windstream—equipment, routing, configuration and security
  • Allows users to prioritize voice or data through quality of service (QoS) levels, based on their unique business requirements
  • Diagram of MPLS VPN solution.

    Features service level guarantees for latency, jitter and packet loss
  • Allows regional sites to exchange data without consuming unnecessary bandwidth at the hub via a "fully-meshed network"
  • Compatible with all industry standard VoIP protocols and applications 

Virtual LAN Service (VLS)

  • Maintain control of your own routing and IP addressing
  • Availability varies by location

VPN QoS Options

  • Real-Time QoS: This preferred voice networking solution delivers premium QoS to your site allowing you to maintain your own VoIP network.
  • Mission Critical QoS: This preferred data networking solution provides the highest priority treatment to customer-defined traffic. Ideal for credit card transactions and video conferencing.
  • Business Critical QoS: This preferred data networking solution provides priority treatment to data networking packets over Internet traffic.
  • Standard Data QoS: A best effort data networking solution, enabling you to share data and Internet applications across all locations.