Network Resiliency with Diverse Connectivity 

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Wireless Data Backup provides the continuity and peace of mind of diverse, resilient connectivity for sites that must always stay connected to the Internet or corporate infrastructure.

Wireless Data Backup with 3G Broadband Technology

Windstream’s Wireless Data Backup utilizes 3G broadband technology to back up your business with an immediate alternate route for Internet and MPLS traffic if your primary circuit is temporarily down. The highly resilient failover architecture of our Wireless Data Backup ensures you can reach the Internet and/or your corporate network and your customers can reach you at all times—even if your business uses static IPs to handle inbound traffic. Whether you’re backing up Internet access or assuring secure failover for an MPLS connection, Wireless Data Backup provides resilient network connectivity without the need for on-site construction or equipment costs.

Wireless Data Backup Benefits

  • Reduces or eliminates downtime when service interruptions occur
  • Increases business continuity
  • Offers true diversity
  • Maintains business productivity
  • Provides lower monthly recurring costs when compared to landline services

Wireless Data Backup Features

  • Internet and MPLS backup support
  • 3G data speeds
  • Automatic failover in the event of a service interruption
  • BGP routing protocol for outbound and inbound IP routing
  • Fully managed solution