Improving Provider/Patient Connections

Windstream understands the unique challenges healthcare organizations face each day and which IT network and telecom technologies are best for helping you meet them. In addition to providing quality healthcare, medical professionals are tasked with minimizing errors, efficiently managing practices, tracking assets and resources, assuring patient privacy, storing large amounts of patient data offsite and complying with government regulations. In an age where cutting-edge communications technology sometimes limits face-to-face interaction, our data, voice, network and cloud solutions for healthcare providers help optimize time and re-establish the personalized aspect of successful patient relationships.

IT Network Solutions for Healthcare that Benefit Providers & Patients

Our smart and secure data, voice, network and cloud solutions are designed to help healthcare providers efficiently address everyday communications issues while simultaneously enhancing the patient experience.

The experts at Windstream support the current and emerging technology needs of healthcare providers at all levels—from small, rural clinics to the largest urban hospital campus. Windstream telecom and IT network solutions provide:

  • Collaboration: Enable professionals to work together and quickly exchange data regardless of their location.
  • Mobility: Keep professionals within reach and help them be more productive while away from the office.
  • Accessibility: Allow patients to more easily access the care they need.
  • Security: Maintain information security and compliance.
  • Continuity: Provide business continuity and efficient recovery of data and assets in the aftermath of an unexpected event or disaster.
  • Scalability: Take advantage of a full range of solutions for small, rural clinics and facilities to the largest urban hospital campus.

Experts in Telehealth

Windstream’s customizable telehealth solutions allow healthcare providers to more effectively share critical data, safeguard patient privacy, increase operational efficiency and improve clinical health outcomes—ultimately providing an even higher quality of patient-centric care.

Rural Health Care (RHC)

The Rural Health Care (RHC) program provides discounts on telecommunications and Internet access used for telehealth and telemedicine, ensuring eligible rural healthcare providers that they’ll pay no more than their urban counterparts for the same or similar services. Our successful history with the RHC program, as well as our gold-level partnership with the National Rural Healthcare Association (NRHA), further demonstrate our commitment to healthcare providers and your patients.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA regulations impact your entire entity, with IT professionals under increasing pressure to keep healthcare networks compliant. Windstream has deep expertise in healthcare telecom and IT network solutions and is well versed in HIPAA-compliant systems that can help hospitals, research universities, health insurers, clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations ensure the privacy of patient records.