Transforming the Business of Education

Windstream delivers comprehensive communications solutions to educational facilities at all levels, from small learning centers to multi-location college and university campuses.

IT Network Solutions to Keep Pace With Education Demands

Today’s educational institutions need data, voice, network and cloud solutions that grow and adapt as rapidly as the student population. We customize voice and data IT network solutions to meet the unique requirements and budgets of educational institutions throughout the country.

By making Windstream your trusted advisor and communications technology provider, educators gain access to:

  • Internet and Data solutions that help you keep pace with demanding bandwidth requirements
  • Managed Network Services to aid you in complying with security requirements, maintaining students’ online privacy, keeping campus data secure and ensuring confidentiality of student education and medical records
  • Voice solutions that can help you stay connected during campus-wide emergencies
  • Data Center and Cloud services for managing, utilizing and storing the abundance of data being amassed every day
  • Disaster Recovery initiatives to support critical data and applications
  • Unified Communications (UC) solutions that enable distance learning, help manage and control a mobile campus, and make it easier for administrators and staff to collaborate
  • A single point of contact for a full array of services that allow you to stay within budget guidelines

IT Network Solutions for Higher Education

Modern technology has enhanced the college and university experience, giving professors and staff the ability to provide superior student services. A campus environment that includes tools like the Internet, social media, mobile phones and an endless array of digital devices can be complemented by smart communications solutions from Windstream, helping you transform IT challenges into performance-lifting opportunities.

IT Network Solutions for K-12 School Systems

Primary and secondary schools find peace of mind with Windstream’s flexible, reliable services that keep their classrooms and campuses connected. That means staying in touch from the football field to the cafeteria and everywhere in between. It also means quickly and easily collaborating with another classroom across the globe and communicating emergency notifications from anywhere. Our solutions help teachers, administrators and IT staff stay agile amidst the growing complexity of the modern educational environment.

An Approved E-Rate Program Provider

Education administrators are under constant pressure to deliver new applications while budgets are being slashed and resources remain scarce. Your school or library may qualify for E-Rate discounts of 20-90% on data, voice, network and cloud services, equipment and Internet access. Windstream’s years of E-Rate insight and experience combined with local, dedicated support teams help schools optimize their budgets and funding. Learn more about the E-Rate program or contact an E-Rate specialist today.